Video testimonies to raise awareness about GBV

Training in the oral testimony video methodology, Bamako

From 7 to 13 February 2015, training in the oral testimony video methodology was organised in Mali with the participation of 10 Malian civil society organisations.

This workshop, an activity of the project entitled “Breaking the silence, lifting taboos, raising awareness about gender-based violence in West Africa” aims to build the capacities of CSOs to communicate using diverse tools, such as social media and blogs. The training also covered data collection aimed at producing qualitative documents on gender-based violence in Mali.

Over 5 days numerous practical exercises enabled participants to develop their online supports such as blogs and social network pages, but also to produce their first videos. 

In terms of training, the participants themselves were able to use data collection techniques in the form of testimonies taken from their target groups, to produce relevant mini films enhanced by training in OT video.

A production campaign of 8 mini films was launched following the training and will continue until 30 April. Despite the initial apprehension of the participants regarding their own ability to produce the 8 films, all of them were enthusiastic about the idea and even plan to produce more than 8 films.

The films will be reviewed during the level 2 social media training to take place in Dakar next May.