Curation of data on gender-based violence, Bamako, 15 February

On 15 February 2015, the PIWA organised a tweetup with the Malian web community.

This tweetup was a meeting between Twitter users, focused on discovery, fraternisation, the creation of links with young people who believe in the importance of the role played by social media in the society of today and tomorrow in influencing attitudes and behaviours.

The PIWA which has largely developed its products online and has built up partnerships with the Malian Bloggers Association (ABM) and other networks of bloggers in order to disseminate the information produced by the beneficiaries of these projects on the social themes, created this action in order to form a strong and permanent engagement and support these social actors who are essential to the production and dissemination of alternative information.

The Tweetup was organised following the Oral Testimony Video training which involved the participation of members of the CAFO in sharing information on issues of gender-based violence and the way in which it is dealt with online in Mali.

On this occasion, the Hashtag #AntiDiscri was suggested to the ABM and the web community with the aim of discussing issues of gender-based violence, a tag that they welcomed with much enthusiasm. A recent news story in Mali had shaken the nation, involving the murder in January of a Malian woman named Mariam Diallo, who had been stabbed multiple times by her husband. This crime had aroused an outpouring of sympathy on the Malian web with Internet users mobilising to prevent this happening to more Malian women, and calling for the perpetrators of such crimes to be punished.

The workshop during the Tweetup offered the general insight into the Malian web that it suffers from a lack of real support for the issue of gender-based violence, on websites as well as on social networks.

As the name suggests, this meeting was covered on Twitter by Internet users present at the event, using the hashtag #AntiDiscri. Productions also followed the blogs under the hashtag #AntiDiscri.